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Department of the Environment (DOE)

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Driver & Vehicle Agency

Freedom of Information - What we publish

Our publications are organised into classes of information in line with the Information Commissioner's guidance on Departmental Publication Schemes. This site is currently being populated.

The information contained within these classes will be retained in line with the Department's retention and disposal schedules. The classes of information are structured within the following categories:

Classes for Cat 1 - Who we are and what we do

Class: DOE Ministers, Permanent Secretaries, Chief Executives, Departmental Board members and senior executives

Class: Legislation relevant to the functions of DOE
Description: Information on the legislation for which DOE is the lead Department

Class: Location and contact details

Class: Organisational structure
Description: Information on the internal structure of DOE and its functions

Class: Organisations DOE is responsible for, those it works in partnership with and those it sponsors

Class: Roles and responsibilities
Description: About DOE and the people who work here

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