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Department of the Environment (DOE)

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Driver & Vehicle Agency

Freedom of Information - What we publish

Our publications are organised into classes of information in line with the Information Commissioner's guidance on Departmental Publication Schemes. This site is currently being populated.

The information contained within these classes will be retained in line with the Department's retention and disposal schedules. The classes of information are structured within the following categories:

Classes for Former Category - About our Organisation

Class: Annual Report and Accounts
Description: Annual publications, which detail the audited accounts for the Department, and the performance and audited accounts for each of the Agencies.

Class: Corporate and Business Plans
Description: These plans set out the aims, key objectives and targets for the Department, Agencies and Directorates for the coming year, and future years.

Class: Internal Communication
Description: Current communications on Corporate issues that have issued to all staff, including circulars, Departmental brief, etc. (Some of the information in this class may be derived from documents which we consider to contain exempt information. Where this occurs, the material will clearly show where information has been withheld and explain what exemption has been applied and why.)

Class: Investors in People
Description: This information refers to the Investors in People latest submission for accreditation and assessor’s report.

Class: Memoranda of Understanding and Concordats
Description: Any current memorandum of understanding or concordat between the Department and a third party, which have received Ministerial and/or Board approval and all Service Level Agreements, Service Delivery Agreements and Public Service Agreements with other Departments and/or agencies.

Class: Organisational Structure
Description: Charts showing the current senior management structure of the Department, Agencies and Directorates and their respective areas of responsibility.

Class: Summaries of Senior Board Meetings
Description: Summaries of meetings of the Departmental Management Group, the Departmental Board and the Senior Management Team meetings (Board level) of each of the Agencies and Core Directorates held after 1 December 2002 will be available within 4 weeks of being agreed, which normally happens at the following meeting of the group. The minutes will not include exempt items, for example, personnel issues or matters concerning development of Departmental policy not yet finalised.

Class: Training Plans
Description: The corporate training plans/strategies relating to each of the Department’s agencies and directorates, which have been approved by their respective senior management team/board.

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