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Department of the Environment (DOE)

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Driver & Vehicle Agency

Freedom of Information - What we publish

Our publications are organised into classes of information in line with the Information Commissioner's guidance on Departmental Publication Schemes. This site is currently being populated.

The information contained within these classes will be retained in line with the Department's retention and disposal schedules. The classes of information are structured within the following categories:

Classes for Public Announcements and NI Assembly

Class: Assembly Questions
Description: All written and oral Assembly Questions answered by the Minister from September 2002.

Class: Keynote Speeches
Description: Prepared text of all formal keynote speeches made on or after December 2002 by the Minister and Senior Officials.

Class: Ministerial Public Engagements
Description: Details of public engagements that have been carried out by the Minister from December 2002.

Class: Ministerial Statements
Description: Prepared text of all public statements delivered by the Minister from December 2002.

Class: Press Releases
Description: All press releases issued by the Department’s Information Officer from April 2002.

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