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Minister Fosters' announcements

Listed below are Minister Fosters' press statements and full text of the 31st March statement to the Assembly.

Press Releases

Press Release 31st March 2008 (26KB)

Review Outcome - Press Release (21KB)

Map showing new council areas (63KB)

Statement to the Assembly - 31st March 2008 (8568KB)

Background to the Review

Following the decisions flowing from the Review of Public Administration (RPA)Opens in a new window. and the need to modernise the sector - the former Local Government Reform Division was established to support the programme of work being developed by the Department of the Environment.

With the restoration of a devolved Assembly, the Executive agreed that there would be a Review of the Local Government aspects of the RPA, led by a sub-committee of the Executive Committee chaired by the Minister of the Environment. Read the Terms of Reference(25KB). for the Review.

At the same time it was agreed that the important work of Modernising Local Government should not lose momentum and should build on the good work of the Local Government Reform Taskforce. It was agreed that the modernisation programme should focus on placing local councils at the centre of service delivery and civic life.

As work progressed the Minister has remained committed to working in partnership with her Ministerial colleagues, the Assembly's Environment Committee, the local government sector and other relevant stakeholder organisations.

Further Information