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Department of the Environment (DOE)

Northern Ireland Environment Agency

Driver & Vehicle Agency

Protect the Environment

Scrabo Tower and the surrounding countryscape
The Department of the Environment's aim is to secure a better and safer environment and support effective local government.

The Environment and Marine Group of the DOE has three divisions which continually work towards protecting the environment. These divisions are:

Environmental Policy Division (EPD), which is responsible for formulating and developing environmental policy and legislation in Northern Ireland.

Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA), which takes the lead in advising on and implementing the Government's environmental policy and strategy in Northern Ireland.

Marine Environment Division, which advises on environmental policy and strategy and appropriate development within the Marine Environment.

The role of the Environment and Marine Group is to:

  • promote public awareness of environmental issues, both terrestrial and marine, and action to deal with them
  • regulate adverse human impacts upon the environment on land and at sea
  • work in partnership with others to protect the environment on land and at sea
  • provide financial support to others to encourage action to protect the environment
  • manage properties to promote public access to, and understanding of the environment
  • advise Government and other key sectors on environmental issues

The Environment and Marine Group employs over 750 staff in Belfast, Lisburn and a number of regional locations.

The Strategic Objective for the Environment and Marine Group is:

“To create prosperity and well-being through environment and heritage excellence.”

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