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'Coast' Magazine

Last updated: 27 July 2010

picture of front cover of edition 6 of Coast magazine which opens in a new window to the PDF of the magazine'Coast’ is a full-colour magazine reflecting the agency's coastal and marine work.

There is currently a resurgence of interest in coastal and marine matters but a lack of appreciation for the wealth of marine life and heritage present on our own coast.

The aim of ‘Coast’ is simply to “celebrate and promote the coastal wildlife, maritime heritage and marine environments of Northern Ireland”.

Northern Ireland has a relatively short coastline – shorter than Cornwall’s coast – and yet it embodies an impressive range of animals, plants and habitats.
Many people, even those who have lived and worked on the coast all their lives, are surprised to learn of the exceptional diversity of environments and wildlife that the region contains.

Extensive sand dunes, high rocky cliffs, sub-tidal reefs and rich mussel beds are all present. Northern Ireland’s coast also provides habitats for a great variety of rare plants, seabirds, sharks, skates and rays and marine mammals. Occasionally rare marine turtles migrate into our cool waters to feed. In fact, more than 50% of our biodiversity occurs at sea, much of which is hidden beneath the surface. However, for those with the passion or inclination, this environment too can be explored with the help of mask and snorkel or simply from a headland with binoculars or telescope.

This coastline is also rich in maritime heritage including ancient fish traps, shipwrecks, historic harbours and defensive fortifications. Our coastal waters too are clean and provide an invigorating environment for surfing, swimming and kayaking.

We hope that the articles featured within this magazine will inspire you to get out and explore this highly dynamic environment with fresh enthusiasm, and to work with us to safeguard it for the future.

picture of the 2009 tallships edition of Coast magazine which opens in a new window to the PDF of the magazineElectronic versions of each edition of ‘Coast’ are available for reference:

EHS Coast Magazine - First edition (.PDF 3.6 Mb)Opens in New window

EHS Coast Magazine - Second edition (.PDF 4.14 Mb)Opens in New window

EHS Coast Magazine - Third edition (.PDF 5Mb)Opens in New window

NIEA Coast Magazine – Fourth edition (.PDF 6Mb)Opens in New window

NIEA Coast Magazine - Fifth Edition (.PDF 5.2Mb)Opens in New window

Coast - Tall Ships Special Edition (.PDF 6.4Mb)Opens in New window

NIEA Coast magazine - Sixth Edition (.PDF 4.9Mb)Opens in New window

If you would like to receive paper copies of future editions of ‘Coast’ please e-mail your name, postal address and an indication of the number of copies you would like to

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Please note, however, that if you have any media queries, the DOE Press Office should be contacted in the first instance on (028) 9054 0003.