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Application to Transfer a Waste Management Licence

Last updated: 5 May 2015

Welcome to the support page for the Application to Transfer a Waste Management Licence online form.

We strongly recommend that you read all of the supporting information below before proceeding to fill in the online form.

Licence summary

Under the Waste and Contaminated Land (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, and the Waste Management Licensing Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003, a Waste Management Licence is required to authorise the deposit, treating, keeping or disposal of controlled waste in or on any land, or the treatment or disposal of controlled waste by means of mobile plant.

The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) is responsible for granting licences, setting conditions on licensed activities and monitoring sites to ensure compliance with the licence conditions.

This application permits the transfer of a licence.

Eligibility Criteria Anyone who deposits, treats, keeps or disposes of controlled waste.
Regulation Summary The Waste and Contaminated Land (NI) Order 1997 stipulates that anyone depositing, treating, keeping or disposing of controlled waste must be licensed. The licence will contain conditions that must be adhered to so as to prevent harm to the environment or human health
Application Evaluation Process Each application will be assessed and determined on its own merits, providing all relevant information has been supplied
Will Tacit Consent Apply Tacit consent is where a licence is granted by default if the Licensing Authority has not processed your application within the published processing times. However, due to environmental / public health interests, tacit consent does not apply to applications for waste management licenses. Please contact NIEA, if you have not heard from us within a reasonable period of time from the date you submit your application.
Target Completion Period Upon receipt of the completed application the NIEA will aim to issue a new licence within 2 months
Application fee

You should find out the applicable charge by visiting the following page before filling out the online form:

Apply online Go to in New window to apply.
Forms to download, print, and post

Application forms are available to download from the NIEA web page at:

Contact Details

Northern Ireland Environment Agency
Land and Resource Management Unit
Klondyke Building
Cromac Avenue
Gasworks Business Park
Ormeau Road

Telephone: 028 9056 9758


Application and licence Redress You should contact the Land and Resource Management team in the first instance to establish the reason for a failed application. If you are not happy with this response you may appeal against the decision to the Planning Appeals Commission
Consumer Complaint

Follow NIEA customer complaints procedure: 474Kb)Opens in New window

Public Registers or Databases A register of licensing information is available for inspection at all reasonable times by members of the public free of charge. This register is available to view at the NIEA Lisburn Office or regional offices if requested
Local Support

Telephone: 028 9056 9758


Further Information

More information can be found on the NIEA website at:

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