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Conserving Biodiversity

  • What is Biodiversity

    picture of dark green fritillary butterfly

    The Biodiversity Unit in NIEA is responsible for implementing the policies designed to protect Northern Ireland's Biodiversity. By working with landowners, groups with a vested interest, conservation organisations, delivery groups and other government agencies, they produce both Species and Habitat Action Plans and oversee the work of the Local Biodiversity Officers.

  • Biodiversity Lists, Habitats & Species

    picture of Derryleckagh wood and wood crane's bill flower

    The conservation, protection and enhancement of habitats at risk in Northern Ireland generally, because of either rarity or a high rate of decline, is a key role of the NIEA Biodiversity Unit.

    Lists of priority species requiring conservation action such as survey, research and site conservation, have been produced.  

  • Research

    picture of survey work at Lough Doo Fair Head

    Research is the scientific backbone and the foundation for the work of all the units within Natural Heritage, whether this research is carried out by our own staff, academic institutions or by other means. The information gathered through research is used on a daily basis by all our staff to, for example, inform the delivery of the Northern Ireland Biodiversity Strategy or make decisions on the impact of development on nature conservation. Also it assists in formally protecting or designating sites. Importantly it informs future environmental policy and monitors changes in the natural environment

  • Implementation

    picture of wildflowers adjacent to lake

    The NIEA Biodiversity Unit oversees measures taken to conserve, protect and enhance our local biodiversity. This includes supporting other stakeholders and landowners both practically and through grant aid to carry out the requirements of the Species and Habitat Action Plans. One of the large scale contracts they are lead partners in, along with National Parks and Wildlife Service, is the Invasive Species Ireland project.