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Built Heritage

The landscape around us has been gradually shaped by man over the last 9,000 years. Each generation has added to it, leaving us with a rich and diverse built heritage, from Neolithic tombs on a remote hillside to Victorian buildings in a town centre. We aim to record, protect, conserve and promote all these elements of our historic environment so they can be learned from and enjoyed today, and by future generations.

  • Recording

    Picture of some recording taking place at Dunluce Castle

    This section provides information on how we record our built heritage, what we record and why. It also looks at how we store that information and how you can access it, particularly our digital data available through our web site.

  • Protection

    Picture of Dunluce Castle

    This section explains the legislation and policies which protect our built heritage and looks at how we apply them. It also explores how it might affect you if you own a protected monument or building.

  • Conservation

    Picture of conservation works being carried out

    We work hard to conserve our historic monuments and buildings and this section explains how we go about that. It also provides advice and information on how we can help you to conserve your historic monument or building.

  • Promotion

    Picture of 3 historical re-enactors in front of Richhill Castle

    Find out more about events at historic sites, such as Archaeology Days, European Heritage Open Days and Living History Days. Explore our places to visit and browse our publications.

  • Information

    Picture of Charles Shiels Institute doorway

    Find out more about us, why we do what we do, the conservation philosophy behind our work and the socio-economic benefits of heritage.
    Our digital data or is also available in this section.