Sites and Monuments Record

Last updated: 23 May 2014

The Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record (NISMR) holds information on over 16,000 archaeological sites and historic monuments. These are the remains of settlements, fortifications, ritual sites and tombs created by people over the last 9000 years.

Thumbnail picture of the online Sites and Monuments Database.Information on each site can be accessed online through the Northern Ireland Sites and Monuments Record Database
Thumbnail picture of front page of online Heritage Mapping system.All the sites listed in the NISMR database can also be located using our Map Viewer

Each site in the record has a unique reference number to identify it. The database will provide information such as site type, grid reference, townland, parish, time period and any local site names. There is also a brief description of each site taken from early maps, historical sources and recent site visits.

More detailed information, including full descriptions, plans, photographs and excavation results and finds, can be consulted through the Monuments and Buildings Record.