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Regulatory Fees and Charges

Last updated: 15 May 2015

NIEA issues permits, licences and consents and monitors compliance to help control impacts on the environment and has powers to charge for these these regulatory functions through various pieces of legislation.  Our fees and charges are set in accordance with statutory requirements and DFP and Treasury guidance and our 3 year Charging Policy.  

NIEA Regulatory Charging Policy 2010 to 2013 (.PDF 176Kb)Opens in New window

Current Consultation Papers

Consultation Paper on NIEA Regulatory Charging Policy and proposals for 2013-16 (161.7 KB) pdf Opens in New window

NIEA Charging Schemes for 2015/2016

NIEA Charging Schemes for 2013/2014

Our fees and charges for 2014/2015 have increased by 2.1% (GDP deflator for 2014/15), in line with our charging policy.

Key features of the NIEA Charging Policy:

  • With effect from 1 April 2010, we will limit fee increases in line with the GDP deflator forecast on an annual basis for a 3 year period from April 2010 to March 2013, except where substantial revision is required.
  • From April 2010, where new schemes are to be introduced or where substantial revisions to an existing scheme are required, consultation with stakeholders will be carried out in tandem, through single or parallel consultation papers.
  • We will assess the suitability of schemes for the introduction of risk-based charging and wider services.
  • We will publish all of our fees and charges (and any consultations regarding these) on this page.

We had a public consultation on the policy that closed in spring 2013 and you can read the summary below.

Summary of Consultation Responses (.PDF 242Kb)Opens in New window.