Ness Country Park

Last updated: 5 November 2012

Ness Country Park lies in the steep, wooded glen of the Burntollet Valley, southeast of Derry City. We have recently completed extensive development work in the park which now extends along both sides of the Burntollet River joining Ness and Ervey Woods.

The Country Park is made up of 55 hectares of mixed woodland (including Ness Wood, Ervey and Tamnymore Woods) as well as more open parkland. The woods are now linked by Donaghy’s Farm, which gives visitors access to 7km of woodland and riverside walks and affords splendid views across the valley.

It also includes an area of level meadow, providing easy-access walking for less able visitors. The Park has wildlife ponds, picnic tables, wildflower meadows and a new Visitor Centre where you can view an exhibition on woodland biodiversity.

**Path on East Bank Closed Due to Subsidence.**

Ness Country Park
50 Oughtagh Rd
Killaloo, Claudy
County Londonderry
BT47 3TR

Tel: 028 7133 8417
Fax: 028 7133 8838

Opening times as follows:

Country Park: 2012 - 2013

1 Nov – 28 Feb  9am – 4.30pm daily

**Please note the Park is closed 24th & 25th December 2012**

1 Mar – 31 Mar  9am – 4.30pm daily

Visitor Centre: 2012 - 2013

1 Nov – 28 Feb  12noon – 4pm Sun only

**Please note the Visitor Centre is closed Sunday 23rd December 2012**

1 Mar – 31 Mar  12noon – 4pm Sun only

Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Features
  • Visitors Centre and Toilet DDA compliant
  • 1.5 km Riverside walk fully DDA compliant
  • DDA compliant picnic tables

  • Visitor Centre
  • Toilets
  • Car parking
  • Recreational grassland and wildflower rich meadows
  • 7kms of woodland, parkland and riverside walks connected by bridges and boardwalks
  • Picnic area and meadow

Visitors to the Park should remember the Park Code:

  • Protect wildlife, plants and trees
  • Take all litter home or use the bins provided
  • Ensure all dogs are kept under control and not allowed to foul paths and mown grass
    See NIEA policy in relation to dogs at NIEA managed properties and sites (.PDF 76Kb)Opens in New window
  • Guard against all risk of fire
  • Make no unnecessary noise
  • Cycling and mountain bikes are not permitted in the Park except on vehicular roads
  • A river has natural hazards - supervise children and stay clear of the water
  • Camping or overnight stay is not permitted