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Walsh's Fort
Walsh's Fort
On the NE face of a mountain E of Lough Island Reavy. The site was dug over & the cashel walls rebuilt. A.S.C.D. (1966) described the cashel as oval, 40m E-W x 33m N-S, with drystone walls 2.7-3.7m thick. The original entrance was at E where there is a gap 2.5m wide. A souterrain is in the SW corner of the enclosure,T-shaped in plan & dry-stone built, with a lintel roof, some of which has been replaced by concrete

Between this & the entrance is an area which may represent a house site.

Built Heritage maintains the Northern Ireland SMR Sites & Monuments Record for the six counties of Northern Ireland, holding information on approx. 15,000 sites. These range from Mesolithic camp sites, Bronze age landscapes preserved under bog, through the Early Christian monasteries, the castles of the Norman conquest and the defended houses of the Plantation settlers.

Each site is stored individually on the NISMR database, with a unique reference number which ties together all the information on the site. This information includes geographical details, such as grid references and which townland & parish the site is in as well as typological details - what the site is, what time period it belongs to, any known site names etc. and there is a brief description of each site, taken from historical sources and field visits. There is also a list of available references for each site.  

All the sites listed in the NISMR database can be located geographically using the Map Viewer

More detailed information, including details of sites, plans and photographs, is also available from the Monuments and Buildings Record held in Waterman House, Belfast.