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Last updated: 2 April 2010

The titles in this section are suitable for children and adults alike. However, they are written mostly with children in mind to be used as activities for groups or families. They are designed to enhance the readers understanding of the natural world. Please note that some of the activities need adult supervision.

  1. Catching Insects (.PDF 1.70Mb)Opens in New window
  2. Setting up a Butterfly Garden (.PDF 310Kb)Opens in New window
  3. Making an Ant Farm (.PDF 522Kb)Opens in New window
  4. Making a Wormery (.PDF 640Kb)Opens in New window
  5. Pond Dipping (.PDF 570Kb)Opens in New window
  6. Making a Pond Life Aquarium (.PDF 377Kb)Opens in New window
  7. Rearing Frogs from Frogspawn (.PDF 484Kb)Opens in New window
  8. Making a Garden Pond (.PDF 511Kb)Opens in New window
  9. Making an Underwater Viewer (.PDF 545Kb)Opens in New window
  10. Skulls and Skeletons (.PDF 741Kb)Opens in New window
  11. Badger Watching (.PDF 371Kb)Opens in New window
  12. Making a Hide (.PDF 303Kb)Opens in New window
  13. Animal Tracks (.PDF 360Kb)Opens in New window
  14. Bird Watching (.PDF 333Kb)Opens in New window
  15. Feeding Birds (.PDF 368Kb)Opens in New window
  16. Artificial Nest Sites (.PDF 534Kb)Opens in New window
  17. Feather Collection (.PDF 337Kb)Opens in New window
  18. Adopt a Tree (.PDF 890Kb)Opens in New window
  19. Pressing Leaves and Wildflowers (.PDF 236Kb)Opens in New window
  20. Raising Plants from Mud (.PDF 418Kb)Opens in New window
  21. Bark and Leaf Rubbing (.PDF 692Kb)Opens in New window
  22. Making Spore Prints (.PDF 660Kb)Opens in New window
  23. Measuring the Age of a Hedge (.PDF 284Kb)Opens in New window
  24. Identifying and Studying Bird Pellets (.PDF 2.21Mb)Opens in New window
  25. Food for Free Recipes (.PDF 594Kb)Opens in New window

PDFs are available for download and hard copies are also available from our Country Parks, Countryside Centres and certain Monuments. Further information can be obtained from:

NIEA Education Manager
Klondyke Building
Gasworks Business Park
Lower Ormeau Road
Belfast BT7 2JA

Tel: (02890) 569 270
Fax: (02890) 569 264