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Last updated: 3 February 2015

In Northern Ireland each household contributes around one tonne of waste per year and this amount is increasing. Our current lifestyle, based on convenience and over-packaged products, means that we are producing more waste than ever. At the moment the most common way of managing waste in Northern Ireland is by landfill. However, new legislation from Europe is obliging us to find better ways of dealing with waste.

  1. Northern Ireland Waste (.PDF 987Kb)Opens in New window
  2. Waste Reduction (.PDF 940Kb)Opens in New window
  3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (.PDF 787Kb)Opens in New window
  4. Plastics (.PDF 851Kb)Opens in New window
  5. Composting Waste (.PDF 793Kb)Opens in New window
  6. Paper (.PDF 895Kb)Opens in New window
  7. Cans (.PDF 0.98Mb)Opens in New window
  8. Glass (.PDF 884Kb)Opens in New window
  9. What happens to our waste? (.PDF 1.06Mb)Opens in New window
  10. Energy from waste (.PDF 875Kb)Opens in New window

PDFs are available for download and hard copies are also available from our Country Parks, Countryside Centres and certain Monuments.