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Waste Management Strategy

Last updated: 15 May 2015

The revised Northern Ireland Waste Management Strategy was published by the Department on 25 October 2013 (see link below):-

The Strategy aims to set a direction towards using waste as a resource with value more efficiency, and to make it a key element in developing and promoting a low carbon, circular economy.

It builds on the 2006 Strategy and adheres to the principles of the Waste Hierarchy, prioritising waste Prevention, including re-use, to reduce our reliance on finite resources. The next priority in the Waste Hierarchy is to separate waste materials for recycling and the aim is to increase materials' resource efficiency through promoting recycling based on a life cycle approach balancing consumption and production.

Part 2 of the Strategy contains policies and actions in the following sections:


Section 1: Waste prevention

Section 2: Preparing for Re-use

Section 3: Recycling

Section 4: Other Recovery

section 5: Disposal

Section 6: Better Regulation and Enforcement

Section 7: Communication and Education

Section 8: Delivery and Governance