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The Northern Ireland Road Safety Strategy aims to reduce the number of people killed or seriously injured on Northern Ireland’s roads each year from the current average of 1750 to fewer than 1200 by 2012 – a reduction of one third compared to the average for the period 1996-2000.
Advertising, PR and publicity campaigns play an important role in helping to achieve these targets. Guided by research, DoE’s advertising targets unsafe road user behaviours and attitudes which can produce the greatest reductions in deaths and serious injuries.  
Road safety is ultimately the responsibility of everyone who uses the roads. Success in road safety substantially depends on road user attitudes and behaviour. This is why advertising campaigns aim to maximise each road user’s sense of personal responsibility for road safety.
Success in making Northern Ireland’s roads safer will only be achieved with the support of the whole community.
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Drug Driving
You'll get smashed if you drive on drugs