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Fatalities by Principal Factor  1999-2003.

Chart showing the principal factors for fatalities between 1999 and 2003
Principal Factor Percent Fatalities
  Pedestrian Alchohol/Drugs 6.2%
  Driver Alchohol/Drugs 20.28%
  Excessive Speed 26.2%
  Other 6.32%
  Fatigue 1.7%
  Vehicle Defects 1.3%
  Weather 0.7%
  Combined Carelessness/Inattention
(16 factors)
  • 95.21% of fatalities are due to human error
  • Human Error is involved in between 91% and 95% of road crashes
  • 4.79% due to non- human error
  • Roads and/or Vehicles are to blame for between only 4.13% of crashes
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