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The functions and services delivered by the Department of the Environment (DOE) have been transferred to new departments. The links below will guide you to information on the new websites: Department for Communities (DfC), Department for Infrastructure (DfI) and Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

Our responsibilities


Promoting a more sustainable approach to dealing with waste in Northern Ireland by drafting waste legislation and implementating waste management policy 

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Protecting the aquatic environment by regulating water quality and hydrological processes whilst considering the needs of industry, agriculture and the protection of public health.

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Activities undertaken to prevent, monitor and control pollution of the air, land and water

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Protecting and preserving Northern Ireland's wildlife and habitats from invasive alien species and other environmental threats.

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Historic environment

Recording, protecting, conserving and promoting our diverse built heritage so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. 

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Land and landscapes

Information on land quality and soil as well as details on the geology of Northern Ireland's distinctive and precious landscapes.

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Road users

Promoting and improving road safety via education, licensing and regulation of transportation.

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Protecting Northern Ireland's coastal and marine environment via legislation, licensing and permits and conservation activities

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Protect the environment

Actions taken to raise awareness and counteract threats to the environment on both a local and global scale

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Local government

Details of how Local Government Policy Division supports councils in delivering strong and effective local government along with information on funding and finances.

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DOE statistics and research

Statistics and research that relate to environment or carrier bag levy have move to daera-ni.gov.uk, all other DOE statistics and research content are available at infrastructure-ni.gov.uk


Determination of regionally significant and “called-in” planning applications; regional planning policy’ planning legislation; oversight and guidance for councils and performance management.

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