Protecting the aquatic environment by regulating water quality and hydrological processes whilst considering the needs of industry, agriculture and the protection of public health.

Drinking water quality

The Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) is a unit within the Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA) responsible for regulating drinking water quality in Northern Ireland for both public and private supplies. 

River basin management

River Basin Management is a key element in implementing the Water Framework Directive (WFD), taking an integrated approach to the protection, improvement and sustainable use of the water environment. It applies to groundwater and to all surface water bodies, including rivers, lakes, transitional (estuarine) and coastal waters out to one nautical mile. 

Water Management Unit

A summary of the roles and responsibilities of Northern Ireland Environment Agency's (NIEA) Water Management Unit (WMU).

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Access to information

How to request information from the Department for the Environment including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme.